Difference Between Alcohol And Drug Rehabs

Difference Between Alcohol And Drug Rehabs

Human beings are prone to addictions and these addictions can be of any type. The two main types of addictions tempting millions of people around the world are of alcohol and drugs. These addictions not only result in heavy consumption but also lead to death in a number of cases. In order to prevent such severe effects of these addictions, scores of rehabilitation centers have been established. These rehab centers offer different types of treatments, therapies and support group programs which lead to the recovery of the addicts.

Though a number of times, we talk about the alcohol and drug addiction combinedly, but there is a huge difference between the both. This difference also prevails in the kind of treatment given in the rehab centers which further differentiates the rehab centers on a whole. This article details about the difference between the alcohol and drug rehabs.

Alcohol addiction

The most common type of treatment offered under this is the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). This is a part of the common 12-step recovery program. Most of the alcoholics prefer to get treated under this program due to its popularity among the patients who have recovered successfully.

Drug addiction

Though the 12-step treatment program is offered to the drug addicts also, it is less common as the primary means of recovery in drug addiction. As the drug addicts face more relapse consequences in comparison to the alcoholics, the patients suffering from the drug addiction prefer a more structured and supervised treatment.


Alcohol rehabs vs. drug rehabs

There are a number of tough challenges to overcome for those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. In order to combat such problems, varied alcohol and drug rehabs offer different treatments, some of which might persist life-long. These treatments are divided into two categories: outpatient and inpatient treatment. While there are a few similarities in both kinds of the rehab centers, the number of differences is greater.

Detoxifying from a drug addiction

One of the most important processes of all the stages of the (alcohol addiction) treatment is the detoxification process. This process can be really challenging for a lot of patients due to the complex and uncomfortable situations patients experience (as the withdrawal symptoms). While the process of detoxification in alcohol and drug addiction is quite similar, there a few significant differences as per the treatment offered by the alcohol and drug rehabs.

One key difference is that the medications such as methadone are available to substitute the addictive substance a patient was dependent upon. Methadone is defined as a synthetic drug that imitates the physical effects of drugs like heroin or Vicodin without resulting euphoria. By this treatment, the body overcomes the physical dependency without undergoing through the harmful physical side effects of withdrawal.

On the other hand, in alcohol detoxification, a patient might have to face severe withdrawal symptoms.


Detoxifying from an alcohol addiction

Most of the symptoms of alcohol and drug detoxifications, provided by the alcohol and drug rehabs are similar. But Delirium Tremens (DTs) is one exclusive symptom of the alcohol withdrawal which is absent in the drug withdrawal. DTs are referred to a kind of hallucination present in the patients suffering from the severe alcohol withdrawal. DTs in some cases can also involve convulsions, confusions and might also result in death.

There are three primary medications provided by the alcohol rehabs highlighting another difference in the kind of medicines used in the alcohol and drug rehabs. These include – Naltrexone, Acamprosate, and Disulfiram. The working of these drugs is greatly different to that of methadone in the case of drug detoxification.

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