The Non-12-Step Treatment For Alcoholism

The Non-12-Step Treatment For Alcoholism

Alcohol is a depressant drink which makes a person sluggish. Even though alcoholic beverages are commonly used as part of socialization, yet their negative effects cannot be undermined. Alcoholism is defined as an excessive inclination towards alcohol. This insatiable craving can deter a person from conducting his personal and professional duties.

Dire consequences resulting from alcoholism

Poor performance in the professional field resulting from alcoholism can greatly disrupt the future prospects of a person. Even relationships might also have to bear the brunt of alcohol abuse. Alcoholism can destroy the future of any person completely and if not recognized and treated timely, can also endanger one’s life. The non 12 step treatment can successfully solve such problems arising from the habitual alcohol intake, thereby, avert the fatal consequences of excessive abuse.


Understanding the non 12 step treatment plan

The non 12 step treatment plan is an alternative to the conventional treatment guide used for drug abusers. It is also known as the non-traditional mode of treatment which perceives the recuperation of an addicted individual through a different prism.

Non-traditional therapies do not merely target alcohol dependence as the sole problem but rather delve deeper to uncover underlying issues that have made the person susceptible to alcohol or other abusive drugs. In most of the situations, adequate treatment is not provided to solve the underlying problems, therefore, the issue of dependency remains only partially solved. The non 12 step treatment methodology primarily concerns itself with these unaddressed underlying causes that remain latent.

The non 12 step treatment options do not indulge in hasty conclusions, rather these treatment methods trace back the inferences gathered from the apparent condition far beyond the perceptible problem. By using this methodology one can arrive at the initial root cause that had gone unnoticed.

Rehabilitation through non 12 step treatment

Taking responsibility for one’s action

In the non 12 step treatment, patients are urged to work towards self-empowerment. They are asked to redefine their lives by recognizing and destroying their abusive habits. They are asked to take responsibility for their lives and give a right direction without the curse of dependence. They are advised to search for their innate strength to overcome their dependence. This crucial step if taken properly can eliminate the problem of the repetitive relapse to drugs and alcohol.


Formulation of treatment plans based on individual needs

The non 12 step treatment approach formulates the course of treatment depending upon the individual patient’s condition and inherent problems (if any). This program recognizes that recovery is not a linear process and the same plan might not work for two different alcohol abusers.

Alcohol abusers suffer from social stigmatization resulting in psychological ailments of depression and low self-esteem. The non 12 step treatment program functions as per the patient specific modules of treatment.

Uncovering the rays of hope

While addressing the grave problem of alcohol dependence, the non 12 step treatment does not make the patient feel completely hopeless. Instead, the treatment clearly identifies the gravity of the situation and also fosters the belief that there is a possible solution. A solution in the form of therapy coupled with long-term treatment can leave a lasting positive impact on the lives of the patients.

Successful detoxification

The non 12 step treatment options comprise a complete biophysical rehabilitation setup so that the patients can be detoxified effectively. The detoxification is followed by the subsequent rehabilitation carried out in the inpatient facilities. The duration depends on the progress and recovery of the patient varying from three months to six months.


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